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Press Release: Regulated Risks Aligns with For Legal to Launch “Solicitors Insurance and Risk Channel”

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Regulated Risks, a highly reputable FCA Registered Insurance Broker, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking partnership with For Legal, part of For Media Group, marking the inception of the “Solicitors Insurance and Risk Management” channel. This symbiotic alliance brings to the legal sector a reservoir of expert-driven content and professional development opportunities.

Defining Excellence in Legal Risk Management

Combining the formidable legal industry know-how of Regulated Risks with For Legal’s robust digital platform, the new channel heralds a transformative shift in continuing professional development (CPD). Legal professionals across the UK can now avail themselves of nearly three hours of cost-free CPD accredited training provided by the seasoned risk advisor and business coach, Claire Russell.

Innovative Approaches to Legal Firm Growth

Claire Russell, the founder of Mental Health in Business and a pivotal figure at Regulated Risks with a two-decade streak in business leadership, heads the educational initiative. The course offers exclusive insights on “Setting up a new law firm” alongside strategic guidance for “Supporting your established law firm,” equipping solicitors with the instruments to adeptly helm potential risks like litigation and reputational damage.

A Hand-Held Journey for Start-Ups and Veterans Alike

Whether it be the inception of a start-up or the continuous evolution of an established entity, Regulated Risks extends unparalleled expertise in the realms of Solicitors Professional Indemnity, Management Liability, and Cyber Insurance. Aiding firms through every step, Regulated Risks becomes synonymous with security and foresight, offering a unique, hands-on approach.

Exclusive Membership Perks and Learning Aids

Subscribing clients of Regulated Risks will be granted unprecedented complimentary access to this accredited CPD content on For Legal, coupled with free premium access to For Legal’s CPD content library – this includes over 400 webinars spanning 12 distinct practice areas, typically priced at £239.88 +VAT.

Accessing the Future of Legal Risk Management

To begin what promises to be an enlightening journey with Regulated Risks and For Legal, interested parties are invited to reach out to the team at to receive an exclusive access code to this treasure trove of knowledge.

Visit Regulated Risks to explore further the bold new world of insurance and risk management tailored expertly for the legal profession.

Embark on your path to unparalleled professional growth and fortified risk management with Regulated Risks and For Media Group – where the future of the legal sector is being built, one insightful webinar at a time.

Contact Information:

For Legal, part of For Media Group


Telephone: T: 01332 501 661

For partnership insights, visit the Regulated Risks partner profile at For Media Group’s Partner Page.

Regulated Risks


Telephone: 024 7643 7657
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Notes to Editors:

For Media Group and Regulated Risks are available for further comments and interviews upon request. High-resolution images and supplementary notes are provided and can be requested via the contact details supplied above.

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