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UK Company Size Thresholds Set for Significant Increases

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business regulations, the UK government has unveiled plans for a substantial overhaul aimed at streamlining non-financial reporting requirements. These regulatory changes, slated to be implemented this summer, are geared towards alleviating the administrative burdens faced by businesses.

The proposed adjustments involve a noteworthy 50% increase in the size thresholds that define the company sizes, promising to simplify reporting obligations and diminish complexity. The anticipated impact of these modifications is significant, with a plethora of companies expected to benefit from the revamped classification criteria.

Here’s a breakdown of the anticipated changes:

  • Around 5,000 large companies are poised to be reclassified as medium-sized entities. This reclassification will grant them access to more proportionate reporting mechanisms.
  • Approximately 13,000 medium-sized companies are set to transition into the small companies’ category. This move would enable them to unlock potential audit exemptions and file simpler accounts.
  • An impressive 113,000 small companies are earmarked to fall under the micro-entities’ regime. This shift will empower them to prepare less intricate accounts, fostering a more efficient reporting process.

Planned Size Thresholds

Should these proposed measures come into effect, the following revised thresholds are expected to be in place, offering a clearer delineation of company sizes:

Classification Old Thresholds New Thresholds
Micro Not more than £632K Not more than £1 million
Small Not more than £10.2 million Not more than £15 million
Medium Not more than £36 million Not more than £54 million
Large £36 million+ £54 million+
Classification Old Thresholds New Thresholds
Balance Sheet Total Not more than £316K Not more than £500K
(Annual Turnover) Not more than £5.1 million Not more than £7.5 million
Not more than £18 million Not more than £27 million
£18 million+ £27 million+
Classification Old Thresholds New Thresholds
Average Number of Employees Not more than 10 Not more than 50
Not more than 250 251+

Further Proposals and Effective Date

Beyond the size threshold adjustments, the government is poised to eliminate low-value, redundant, or overlapping requirements from the Directors’ and Directors’ Remuneration Reports. Moreover, initiatives are in place to facilitate the issuance of digital annual reports and rectify technical flaws in the audit regulatory framework.

Furthermore, a consultation is scheduled later in 2024 to consider redefining a medium-sized company for company reporting purposes. This may involve raising the maximum employee threshold for medium-sized classification from 250 to 500. Additionally, consultations will explore exemptions for medium-sized companies from including a strategic report in their annual reports and exempting smaller public interest entities from audit tendering and rotation obligations.

The government aims for these changes to be applicable for financial years commencing on or after 1st October 2024, paving the way for a more streamlined and efficient reporting landscape for businesses across the UK.

Stay informed as we continue to monitor and provide updates on these regulatory developments. Embrace the changing regulatory environment to ensure compliance and efficiency in your business operations.

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